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The Juice Punk

Our Integrated Blends are the backbone of The Juice Punk. This is where we started. Subtle mixes of flavours that result in easy all-day vapes. From mild to more powerful in character each one is an experience you'll endeavour  to spend more time with.


Apotheca is the most complex of our mixes. Our Flavour bases are mixed 90 days before juice creation whereupon additional ingredients and flavours are added to the design before bottling. This is a meticulous process; juice alchemy at its finest.


Fat Rat

Three Amazing New Flavours

Three complex blends with a punch. There’s nothing subtle about this line, and yet it’s crafted with the same ‘All Day Vape’ quality that's made The Juice Punk one of Canada's top brands. Just in time for those long sunny days, these flavours are truly ‘Time Well Vaped’.

Agent Provocateur - Pineapple Extreme

Master Hellion - Grape Fanatic

Road Warrior - Insane Melon